LEISURE — Debut LP + 'Got It Bad' Video

We just wanted to stop in before the weekend to give a shout to one of our top albums, and acts, of the year. Multi–talented Auckland outfit LEISURE put out their self–titled debut LP last month, a sublime collection of introspective tracks which has been on near daily rotation for us since it's release. It's brimming with low key masterpieces, hidden gems and future classics — from the sultry grooves on album opener Got It Bad and Take It to the Top's psychedelic, funk–driven rhythms, to the immaculate love ballad that is Nobody (featuring GoldLink) and steady cruiser Know You Better — this record's just outstanding from top to bottom. You'd do well to give it a spin or ten, we can guarantee you won't tire of it anytime soon.

They've also just released their first video, to accompany standout single Got It Bad, making it even more apparent these guys have got it all going on. Check that out below.

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