CS Premiere • Le Monkey — La Visite Cathedral

New arrival to the LAMP family, Le Monkey, wastes no time making an impression with his debut LP Substance Matinale, having us quickly realize this isn't your average release. A full–fledged sonic journey covering nine tracks, the album sends listeners soaring through a multitude of soundscapes, showcasing the emerging artist's varied palette, tightly crafted vision and absolutely oozing with production value. But a clear highlight for us has to be the hypnotic gem that is La Visite Cathedral.

La Visite Cathedral keeps us captivated the whole way through, kicking in at a steady rhythm and picking up pace as it builds upon itself. With shimmering layers giving way to expansive breaks, a pulsing backbeat and hopeful energy permeating the atmosphere in it's entirety, the track takes us on a cosmic ride we don't ever want to come back from.

Get involved with Substance Matinale in full, out now via LAMP's brand new imprint PUZL Records. This is a special one.