CS Premiere • Loframes ft. Anoraak — Since You’ve Gone (Ride The Universe remix)

It wasn't long ago that London's James Yuill and Antibes' Franck Russo, better known as the duo Loframes, released their summertime cruiser Since You've Gone, featuring French producer and vocalist Anoraak. Unsurprisingly, it quickly became a top choice of ours for those laid back, sun soaked days, and though that time has now passed, that doesn't mean we aren't always looking for ways to extend the bliss just a bit further. Enter, a brand new remix of the track courtesy of Ride The Universe

The LA/Düsseldorf production group give Since You've Gone a noteworthy refresh, bringing their nostalgic magic to the mix to provide that timeless touch RTU's always done so well. They've stretched the ethereal vocals over spaced out layers, and swapped the original's dreamy soundscape for turbo boosted synths and percussive kicks. Jump on board, this is a wave we'll gladly ride into the sunset.

The remix and original are out now via LA imprint Midnight In Paris. Don't miss out.