Rain Man — Bring Back The Summer (Dave Edwards Remix)

Typically, you mention anything as mainstream EDM as the original of this to us, chances are you'll witness a full body cringe. No disrespect to that space, it's just not our cup of tea. But of course, we can always count on the dude Dave Edwards to shift our perspective (for a few minutes at least).

Since day one the NYC producer hasn't shied away from putting his own spin on the big hitters, wearing an affinity for pop music on his sleeve and consistently turning out fresh reworks as a result. It's that kind of unfiltered craft and confidence that makes Dave's take on Bring Back The Summer so immediately infectious. He's brought his signature polish to the table once again, complimenting singer Oly's vocals through an effortless blend of vibrant melodies and buoyant chords that's perfectly suited to kick off the summer season in style. Get familiar below, because you can bet this one'll be popping up in sets all over during the coming months.