Chordashian — Lotus

As an artist it's essential to push the expectations of yourself and others. It enables you to stretch your creativity beyond previous imagination and discover new territory that may otherwise have been left uncharted. And even if you end up back where you began, at the very least you'll have a greater understanding of why you do what you do in the first place.

Last week half of Brooklyn's Chordashian, Michael, announced that he'd be moving forward with the project as a solo endeavor, and with it dropped a brand new single that will no doubt take longtime listeners by surprise. Lotus deviates from Chordashian's accessible indie dance sound in a big way, but that's exactly what we're feeling about it. The track keeps us ready for the unexpected throughout, with a series of spring–loaded buildups that push an ebb and flow of energy around a lush soundscape and crisp layering. It's a bold switch up, but one that paints a picture of a producer who's not afraid to take risks for the sake of having fun with their craft — and to us that's a pretty exciting place to be.

We've got it on good word that a full EP in the same line is on the way, and cant wait to see how this new wave of Chordashian takes shape. Until then, catch Lotus in full below.