Annabel Jones — Happy

There's a new wave of inventive pop artists with a purpose on the rise, and Annabel Jones is without a doubt one that's leading the way. The British songstress catapulted herself into the spotlight with last year's Magnetic and carried that momentum further with it's poignant follow–up IOU this past February. Now she's back to raise the bar even higher with her latest single Happy and it's safe to say we're properly hooked. The track pairs charming vocals with enchanting production, full of an infatuated longing, a desire to simply shut out the noise and feel nothing but happy for a moment. It's a sentiment we can surely all relate to, and one Annabel conveys fantastically here.

You can catch the song on her brand new Libelle EP, out now via Crooked Paintings. Pick it up on iTunes and stream it on Spotify.