Lane 8 — Fingerprint

Too few artists of our generation offer an honest glimpse into the dilemmas that arise while simultaneously navigating the music industry and striving for human decency, straying from clickbait “hype up” representation to instead opt for genuine humility. It doesn’t hurt when you deliver beautifully emotive (yet still often thumping) tracks on a consistent basis, seasonal mixes with a dedicated following, and a live set that makes even the most fringe fans lose their shit. We’ve been supporting Lane 8 since 2012, in part due to hometown pride and in large because Daniel Goldstein’s unique brand of downtempo house is just downright accessible.

With that said, it makes total sense that he’s had so much success in the last couple years. Signing with legendary London label Anjunadeep for several releases before dropping the fantastic debut LP Rise last year (with equally nutty flips from Moon Boots, Jody Wisternoff, and more), it’s hard to imagine that Goldstein played his first show in one of the best greasy breakfast spots in SF. His remix of Maribou State’s Wallflower became a club staple in lightning speed, and recent hypnotic take on Icarus’s Home had our heads spinning from the first note. This time he’s back with yet another original that pierces through to the core, constructing an ethereal sonic landscape from distorted drum hits, perfectly dialed kicks, and a commanding synth line. Fingerprint is dancefloor ready to say the least, and announces itself as the first release on his new imprint This Never Happened — a project that nobly seeks to detach from the culture of over-documentation during live venue experiences and refocus on the raw impact of quality electronic music in the moment. Goldstein writes in the description:

“I think our society needs clubbing experiences where they go home with more than just a picture to post on instagram. That's why I'm starting This Never Happened - I want to create that experience for people. At This Never Happened, we invite you into a space where the only thing that matters are the people in that room, the music and the magic that happens when those things interact. An event where the dancefloor will be a phone and photo-free space.”

And it’s about goddamn time. Too often is the purpose of an experience lost, at live shows and beyond, to a desire for proof or validation of one’s mere presence. By insisting on a more involved experience, Lane 8 steps up as a leader in the electronic music community and draws a line in the sand for any hoping to be part of his live show atmosphere. Luckily, for many this is viewed as a welcome change — a chance to shift away from the distractions that perpetuate during shows by similarly beloved artists. Catch the inaugural This Never Happened live set at the Mezzanine on June 3rd and feel something. See you there.

Also be sure to tune in to his latest mix for Deep House Amsterdam that dropped today.