Buoyancy | 007

Because the weekend's about to kick off we'll keep this short. The bottom line is we've got a skillet full of club sizzlers that are worthy of some coveted spots in your playlists. So whether you find yourself amongst the throngs of hip youths down in the desert for Coachella this weekend, or like us, are simply trying to find some sun and act like it — Buoyancy has got you covered.

Straight out of the fire comes Curious, a new one courtesy of Vancouver trio DiRTY RADiO that's ready to turn the dial up from the get-go. Jetique and Bommel keep things moving with a fresh number out today by the name of My Attention, followed by Latroit and Lliam with their new heater Fangs that we've had on repeat since first play. Then comes one final pairing from Caveman Sound mainstays JackLNDN and Fabich, who've combined their individual talents for an absolute stunner of a track in Without You, which we can guarantee you'll have on blast all weekend long. And of course we can't forget The Magician's seminal new original SHY that does this features name justice and then some. Hear all those and more below.