The Jam Jar | Curated By Caius

Since the project's start, Copenhagen producer Caius has been a mainstay here at Caveman Sound. His feel–good grooves and infectious arrangements are impossible not to love, quick to lift your spirits and put you at ease. So we're excited to have him on board to curate the Jam Jar this week. He's gifted us with a choice selection of tracks / artists, and provided some great insight into his inspirations and forthcoming EP. Get into it all below.

Find the full playlist on Soundcloud here.

Selections •

Mokoa — Stronger Than Me (Mokoa X Mogul Remix)

Only a few times a year a track with such smooth vocal samples mixed with just the right elements comes out. I’ve had great love for especially Mogul since I heard his EP on NDYD. If you like the good old disco/funk, but needs a little more bottom to the tracks, he’s the man to go to. This track is something different though, but definitely one of my favourite tracks from within the last few months.

Jarreau Vandal — Nobody Else feat. Brasstracks & Niya Wells

Some of the SOULECTION stuff is too complicated for my Scandinavian minimalistic taste. However when I first heard this track, I knew it was something special right away. The intro is REALLY amazing and has a feel that you almost never experience in modern-day music, Jarreau really hit it out the ball park on this one. And when I heard Niya Wells’ voice on the track, I knew I at had to get her on my forthcoming EP, so we are cooking up right now.

SOLBOI — Miss You

I think this was one of the tracks that initially inspired me to produce the kind of style that I am making right now. It’s an older track, and honestly I don’t know too much about SOLBOI, but the mood just hits you right away.

Joe Hertz — Stay Lost feat. Amber-Simone

I went to the studio with Joe last time I was in London, and he’s a really great guy and someone I look up to. I think the first track I ever heard within the genre was his remix of MØ and Diplo on Majestic, and here several years later I get the chance to work with him in his studio, it’s a strange world sometimes... Besides being a really skilled producer and having a great sound, what I really admire him for is finding and making such great toplines on his tracks. 'Stay Lost' is no exception, a really great track!

E e v e e — when I fall in luv

A friend showed me this beat. It’s just another one of those Soundcloud-things, and a reason that Soundcloud must not change: a girl uploading and selling dope beats of her profile. This is really my type of hip hop, lo-fi and mellow, something I take inspiration from in my own production.

vbnd — song for collin

This really reminds me of the soundtracks to the Japanese video games I played as a kid, then mixed with some slow-housed elements. A lot of artists can not pull it off, but I think vbnd is doing a great job, especially on 'song for collin'.

Matt Duncan — Somewhere In Between

I seriously have no idea who and what this is, but sometimes you just bump in to great undiscovered jewels on Soundcoud. This is one of them. It really sounds like something taken from an early 80’s vinyl, both style- and sound-wise. I seriously think that this could have had great commercial potential, if it had come out in the 80‘s. The chorus is dreamy and f*cking amazing. But here we are, it’s 2016 and the track has 1.9k plays on Soundcloud...

Roshima – Mercy-roshima-edit

Apparently the “MAJESTIC RARE MP3s” is a new thing, and I like it. I wasn’t that thrilled when Mercy first came out, as a long time fan of both Kanye and Big Sean, it saddened me the way that they both lost the soul vibes in their music and instead started making hip hop for the club. However this this Roshima edit is great, it adds what for me is missing in the original.

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Lippi — 1990s

Another of my collaborators on my EP. Lippi has so great potential and such a talented voice, I’m excited to see how long he is able to take it. 1990s is one of my favourite tracks from him. It has my favourite instrument, the electric piano, on it, and a nice vibe with smooth chords.

Rejjie Snow — Late Again

When I first started making music I made hip hop beats, but as the popular scene grew towards the more 808 based, dirty south inspired hip hop, I backed out and stopped really listening, as that is not for me. For a couple of years I didn’t really listen to any new hip hop. That was when I discovered Rejjie, Jesse James Solomon, Loyle-Carner and some other guys from GB. They have that soulfull/jazzy vibe that I love and in some cases also forward thinking production, but forward thinking in the right way. It’s nice that when the US fails you, GB is there to catch you, lol. Rejjie Snow had a few weak tracks coming out before this one, but I think he’s back on track, and I REALLY REALLY look forward to his album.