CS Premiere | RÜFÜS — Be With You (Sondrio Remix)

Sydney's Sondrio has been making some deft moves in recent months, turning out choice takes on Fatboy Slim, Baio and more to a heap of well deserved praise. Today we're here to bring you the producer's latest, a brilliant take on Be With You, his favorite track and the next single off fellow Australian act RÜFÜS' second album Bloom. We've come to know Sondrio well over the years for his adept and informed production style, and though he pitched this remix to us as a simple bootleg he made for his sets, that meticulous craft is quickly recognizable. He's taken the grooving original and flipped it with a refined house touch, finding nimble layering and some superb synth work key elements in dialing up the energy for the dancefloor. Definitely one to toss into those weekend sets.

Sondrio's currently wrapping up a handful of originals, so expect more goods coming your way from him soon. In the meantime, grab a free download of the new remix here.

RÜFÜS also just kicked off a tour or the US, and take from us, their live show is not something you want to miss. Get involved: http://rufussounds.com/#tour