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It's been a little while since we’ve put one of these out, so we’re excited to be back at it today, bringing you a fresh new mix + interview with one of our favorite duos of the moment. Loframes is a new collaborative project from British singer–songwriter James Yuill and French producer Franck Russo, who after a series of brilliant original releases and remixes for the likes of Miami Horror and Keep Shelly In Athens, have begun to garner a heap of well–deserved attention. This is no surprise of course, considering the extent of their individual talents, but if you've yet to become privy to their catchy brand of dance music combining elements of pop, house and more, now's your chance to get acquainted.

We caught up with the guys and hear a bit more about what goes on behind the scenes of Loframes, and they were also kind enough to put together an amazing mix for us. This one's definitely not just your average collection of sounds, but an immersive experience all it's own, and we can't get enough. Enjoy!

Tracklist •

Clubfeet - We Are Affected
Leon Vynehall - Midnight On Rainbow Road (Beat Edit) 
Keep Shelly In Athens - Now I'm Ready (Loframes Remix) 
Jessie Ware - You & I Forever (SG Lewis Remix) 
The Blaze - Virile
Portable - Surrender feat. Lcio
Earth Boys - Spring Flings
Kasperg - Until u're Gone
Kidnap Kid - Birds That Fly
Jonas Saalbach - Ancient Lake feat. Paul Klatt
Coma - The Sea (BAIO Mix) 
Jessy Lanza - Move Closer (Phyllis Nelson Cover)

Interview •

Caveman Sound: First off, let’s hear a bit about what went into the mix you’ve made for us.

Franck Russo: Whilst we love listening to banging, housier mixes, recently I've found it less fun to actually make them. Right now I love to work on mixes that are a bit smoother and more about exploring a specific kind of mood. With this mix we didn't want to create something experimental or challenging, but something that you immerse yourself in and just chill out to.

All the tracks we've included are ones that we're currently playing at home and enjoying right now, plus there's one of ours in there, our new remix of Keep Shelly In Athens (that's available as a free download from our Soundcloud page). With DJ Mixes I always think that technique is good but selection is more important.

CS: For a bit of background – How did the Loframes project get started?

James Yuill: Franck and I met on twitter. I did some remixes for his label and he sent me some wine! We’ve been friends ever since.

FR: As with every friendship it developed naturally. Although we’re separated by distance, musically we’re coming from the same place.

CS: How have your individual careers influenced Loframes as a duo? What are you able to do now, that you aren’t in your solo work?

FR: As a solo artist I found it hard to finish my work. Not that I was lazy, but it was more frightening. Because there’s two of us and how we make music together, this has decreased the fear level. I think I’ve learn to act professionally and be patient with Loframes. Timing is the key. Allowing myself time to reflect on things is new and gratifying.

JY: As my solo stuff is quite song based, it’s nice for me to just let go and focus more on the dancier side of things. I’m moving more into mixing now, so that has helped me to get a cleaner production value into our tracks. The process of writing with someone else is also new to me. That has helped me keep my ego in check!

CS: The project debuted with an original EP, but you’ve also put out a handful remixes since – does your process differ when creating one versus the other?

JY: I’d say it doesn’t really differ too much. We constantly rework/remix our original stuff when writing. It’s a very fluid process. Much like a remix. One of us will start then send it to the other to continue. I think that our Loframes project is the true meaning of collaboration.

FR: Exactly! We rely on each other and most of all we always stay objective.

CS: You guys have seen big success in your original output so far – the ‘Get Real (Can’t Touch Your Love’ EP, and more recently ‘In Love With You’ – where are you looking to push things in the coming year?

FR: We’ve taken our time on building Loframes up as a project. We’re thankful for the internet love, but we’re just starting. We have a lot more cooking in the oven! The industry is changing so quickly at the moment. We want to make sure we can adapt ourselves. This is why we keep making music. We don’t think too much about how we’re going to release it. When a song stands out, we check with our managers and plan what happens next.

CS: Are you aiming for, or drawn towards, a certain sound with your music?

JY: I certainly like the more 90s sounding elements within our tracks, but what has to be present is great rhythm. Good beats and a great bassline.

FR: I don’t know if we can pretend to have our own sound yet, but I think we’re trying hard to forge one. The groove is the most important thing. While producing I often dance, even at 90bpm. Some people are saying that Loframes has its own groove. I don’t know if it’s true, but it’s very flattering to hear.

CS: Music is an essential part of travelling for us – do you have any favourite artists/music to listen to while you’re on the go?

FR: With such a prolific source of music like the internet it might change tomorrow, but The Blaze - Virile is the last recent song that we both really loved. It’s one of those urban masterpieces that infer context and period. It’s about freedom, love, peace and simplicity. Not sure they did it on purpose, but it’s everything the world needs right now, plus it’s in the mixtape :)

CS: What was the first album you ever bought?

JY: The first album I ever owned was Nirvana - Nevermind. Stolen from my sister.

FR: Haha mine was Ace Of Base - Happy Nation, not that I’m ashamed, but in a perfect world it would have been something with more swag. It’s a very good album though!

CS: Who are some fellow acts that you’re loving at the moment?

FR: We like St. Lucia, Clubfeet, a lot of Aussies like our friends Du Tonc and RÜFÜS. We’re surrounded by great music.

CS: Your music is best listened to while…

JY: Dancing? Wearing headphones? Sexting?

FR: Being joyful and loud!!

CS: What’s coming up next for you guys, into the summer and beyond?

JY: A couple of singles here and there. A few more remixes too. Just basically making music, working on our live set and enjoying life.

A massive thank you to the guys for joining us on this one. If you aren't already, get connected with them on socials and stay up–to–date.

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