option4 ft. Rose Quartz — Love Is Lonely

You may not guess it from his recent string of tough guy club cuts, but our boy option4 is full of emotions, and he's not afraid to let them push his creative output in different directions when it feels right. His latest original Love Is Lonely, featuring Denver indie outfit Rose Quartz, is a prime example of just that. Deep, emotive grooves and finely crafted instrumentals underlining the tempered vocals make this one an immediate stunner, and shine a light on option4's versatile production prowess. Not to mention that tasty reverb you're hearing was recorded on an actual 8-ft. steel reverb plate. Tell us that doesn't make you swoon.

The single is out next month via none–other than international tastemakers Kitsuné, which is really too cool, because they've introduced us to some of our absolute favorite music and artists over the years. Get it B!

Bonus Round: If you haven't caught his tune Activate yet, one of the above mentioned club cuts, give it a spin below, it's big. And check his new project alongside MANIK, 909 Til Inifnity.