Annabel Jones — IOU

Last year London's Annabel Jones stormed onto the scene with her breakout single Magnetic, the AObeats remix of which has racked up nearly two-million plays, and this week sees her triumphant return with a new single, IOU. The British songstress continues to herald her message of 'honest pop' here. IOU is immediately, undeniably infectious, yes, with it's catchy electro-pop melodies, punchy bass kicks and twinkling instrumentals – but it's lyrical content is also refreshingly genuine. As Jones puts it herself:

“It feels like many pop stars have forgotten they carry responsibility...I don’t want to make some-one feel empty. I want them to feel full of meaning.”

Well it's safe to say she's succeeded thus far. Enjoy IOU below, and lookout for her forthcoming EP, Libelle, out soon via Crooked Paintings/Atlantic Records.