The Jam Jar | Curated By Robotaki

January's come and gone in a flash, and now it's time to look forward to what's next. Today we've got a longtime favorite producer and friend of ours, Robotaki, jumping in to take the reigns on selection duties for the first Jam Jar of the new month. Starting us off in style, Preston's put together a great list of top picks, giving us an inside look at his eclectic tastes, personal inspirations and hinting at a forthcoming release that's got us pretty excited. Tune in below and enjoy!

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Selections •

Billboard — Souvenir

Matt is one of the most humble and understated producers in the world right now, and coincidentally enough his producer name is ‘Billboard’ haha. The thing is, if anyone could hold a name as audacious as this, it’s him. He’s basically the love child of two of my production idols, Oliver and Siriusmo, and it makes complete sense that finally people are catching on to his stuff. Listen to this, trust.

Mansionair — Speak Easy

Good friends of mine, Mansionair, released this gem late last year and I’ve recently gotten the privilege of giving them a remix. The original is already a fantastic tune so I’m very excited for you to hear my take on it this February!

Flume — Smoke & Retribution (Ekali Remix)

Nathan teased this track yesterday morning as I was getting home from spending the night with a couple friends at Igloofest and I vaguely recall replying with a sentence that had 2-3 ‘holy shits’ in it and for good reason. This hits so damn hard!

Martin Solveig — +1 feat. Sam White (Blonde Remix)

Incredible house tune. Blonde never has disappointed but the stars truly aligned with this one. The vocals play off that reese/sub bass SO well.

Manila Killa — All That’s Left (feat. Joni Fatora)

I haven’t had a verse stuck in my head for a long time. There’s also something very nostalgic about this tune that I can’t quite put a finger on why. Regardless, this debut single from Manila Killa kicks ass. We gotta make that tune soon dude!

pools — coffee in the morning

I love coffee. Mornings usually not so much. pools made this one feel like a Saturday morning getting out of bed and watching YTV cartoons with bacon and eggs in the air. pools hit me up I want to know who the hell you are.

zERo7 — Last Light

There’s always a really warm place in my heart for major-minor tonality in any music, which oddly enough I think was fostered from my brother and sister introducing me to music from Hybrid Soundsystem, Air, and movie soundtracks by Thomas Newman. This moody stuff from zERo7 was what I started with when I was getting into music way back when, and it’s always stuck with me since.

Mazde — Battas feat. LissA

My tastes in music are all over the place, if it isn’t already clear from the stuff I’ve picked here haha. Something about this track in particular brings it all together for me.

josh pan — no face (ft. medasin, xian, gaszia)

I already follow the stuff that comes out of the artists involved with this project, but to hear them all coming together in a collaboration with josh pan, it follows that the product is this well produced. The drum work here is absolutely ridiculous. There’s a heaviness that’s beyond just the amount of bass or loudness of a track that I think have a tendency to drive the trap industry.

GRYNPYRET — Boba Beach

The music of an undiscovered club district island in Zelda: Windwaker, appropriately called Boba Beach. There are so many elements here that Grynpyret has somehow managed to mix into a flowing, one-of-a-kind track. It’s so weird! And I keep coming back to it for that reason.

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