CS Exclusive | Graff '500 Minutes In A Hot Air Balloon' Mix

We first caught wind of Graff a number of years back (then known as Steffi Graf) through their 'Match Tape' mix series and a handful of choice remixes, all of which made it abundantly clear from the get–go that these guys were an adept talent behind the decks. Fast forward to present day, past their excellent, recently released Canopy EP, and the duo have started another great new mix series, '100 Minutes In A Hot Air Balloon'. Meant to be absorbed across a multitude of travels, Graff take care to put together an eclectic selection of tracks in these sets, finding influences far and wide. Today we're stoked to bring you the fifth installment of the series, here to send you sailing off into the weekend on the right note. Sit back, soak it in and let your mind (and feet) wander.

Some words from the guys —

"Our friends at Caveman Sound are featuring Part 5 of our 100 minute series as part of their Caveman Sound Exclusive Mix series. Icy currents have carried our balloon out of the forested valleys and over the frozen tundras and snow capped mountains. We can see the sun in the distance and float along with snowy solace and high hopes, knowing our final destination is near.

This is a six part series that will all continuously flow together and leave you with ten hours of techno :) We made these mixes moreso for traveling across the world than traveling across the dancefloor -- thus they are meant to be soaked up as such. We chose the songs below from all time periods and corners of the earth -- we hope you enjoy this floating ride with us <3"

And since we've got you here already. Tune into Cross, our favorite track from the above mentioned Canopy EP. And hear the rest of the release here, it's some undiscovered gold.

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