Reuben Keeney — Better Run

We've had our eye Reuben Keeney since his cover of Sweet Child Of Mine crossed our path in early 2015, and it's been cool to watch him hone his sound since. Now with the release of his new single Better Run, it's safe to say the Irish producer has got our full attention. Give us a soulful vocal with tribal rhythms and we're sold at that, but Reuben goes above and beyond on this one, succeeding where many rising producers fall short. You'll find no gimmicks here, just a well thought out arrangement of deep grooves and sun–drenched instrumentals wrapped around a smartly used vocal sample to create an atmosphere that will instantly lift your spirits. We hear this one's gone through the wringer in terms of reworked versions ahead of it's release to the public, but it's clear that hard work has paid off.

Catch Better Run below, out now via Vicious Bitch, and be sure to keep a lookout for more from Reuben Keeney later on this year.