CS Exclusive | Edgito

Brooklyn–based DJ and producer Edgito first caught our attention through his rework of ONUKA's When I Met U at the start of this year, and since then he's continued to build an impressive repertoire of remixes and originals, as well as delivering a summertime mix we had on blast at every park day possible. Though the project has only been underway for a little over a year now, his talent is immediately clear through a refined production style and ability to shift genres seamlessly.

Today we're excited to debut our new exclusive mix with him, which brings his eclectic sound to the forefront, taking you on a deep journey through the night. We also had the chance to ask him a handful of questions in order to shed some light on the man behind the beats, so stretch it out, then get into it all below. And be sure keep your ears out for much more from Edgito soon.

Tracklist •

Intro Nikitin – Composite Ivan Latyshev – Dreamcatcher Kings Of Tomorrow – Burn So Deep feat. April (Sandy’s Disco Burn) Simon Adams – Love Me Baby Alan De Laniere – Jouwéy Kevin Over – Jodye Erik Ellmann – Buck Up Hugo – Something Local Options – Too Bright To See Jowe X – Da Soul Yotto – Coming Back To You

Interview •

Caveman Sound: This mix has quite a different feel than your previous ‘Summer Vibes’ set, can you tell us a bit about what went into the track selection?

Edgito: This mix is how I picture the progression of a nights club set - in 50 minutes. I wanted to capture the moments we would experience on a typical night out. First the curiosity of the early hours, then the build up of the tension in the middle and lastly the late morning groove for that perfect night's end on the dance floor. I hope when you listen to it that it will bring you back to that memorable night out you had experienced not too long ago.

CS: For those who might not be familiar yet, how would you describe your sound?

E: It’s rhythmic, dark and it reminds you of a great sandwich. It has all the layers perfectly combined into something awesome and unforgettable.

CS: Give us three essential tracks that regularly find a place in your sets.

E: 1. Purple Disco Machine - Magic 2. Onsra - Funky Town 3. Chordashian - All I Need

CS: What have you been inspired by lately?

E: I’ve been listening to a ton of salsa music and finding a lot of inspiration in how complex all the live instrumentation can be, but at the end of the day it just makes you want to dance. I believe that is one of the ultimate achievements in art, having it come across as simple and accessible but under the surface it is actually very complex and involved. I think a lot of great dance records have that very same quality.

CS: Your music is best listened to while...

E: Traveling to a country you have never been to.

CS: All time favorite movie soundtrack?

E: The Big Lebowski!

CS: Lastly, what have you got in the works we should know about?

E: I’m working on an original tune right now that I promised myself I will finish by the end of the year. If I succeed, pizza for everyone! Here’s my email if you want to tell me your favorite toppings. edgitoisnotaperson@gmail.com

A big thanks to Edgito for connecting with us on this. Stay up–to–date with him via the socials below.

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