One time mystery man turned full-fledged legend, Aussie producer POOLCLVB has quickly taken over our airwaves throughout the past year with a slew of excellent releases. Though currently in the midst of his first headline tour, he's taken a quick breather to deliver his particular brand of troppo vibes to us. Tune into a radical 90-minute mix neatly blending laid back and club-ready grooves for that 'summer never ends' attitude — plus an interview — where we discuss such topics as his recent ARIA charting single, essential hangover aids and the finer points of Aussie slang. This one's sure to hit in all the right places so dive in, turn up and let loose!

And of course, if you find yourself in Australia over the next couple months, don't miss POOLCLVB live. Dates here.

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Interview •

Getting started, tell us a bit about what’s gone into this mix.

I’m currently on tour for my new single ‘Move Me’, this mix is a reflection of what I’ve been playing around Australia... lush, synthy and chilled out house records from some of my favourite artists including some of my new material

This is a newer project for you, where does POOLCLVB draw inspiration from?

The imagery draws inspiration from the Dogtown era, draining pools for a skate session, my idea of a pool party! Sonically i try to blend a forward thinking sounds with nostalgic and carefree inspiration from the 90s. infectious vocals, full bodied basslines and mesmerising hooks.

Your new single ‘Move Me’ recently hit #2 on the ARIA Club charts, massive congrats! Can you give us some insight on how that track came together?

I teamed up with an incredible singer / songwriter Natalie Conway, the girl is a complete weapon and recorded it in one take, i then went back and re-wrote the track about 5 times until I was eventually happy. I wanted to really do her vocal justice and let it be the backbone of the record.

You’re currently in the midst of a full tour, what can one expect from your sets? We caught a glimpse of those sweet ‘Move Me’ towels the other day...

This tour is the result of months of planning, my first headline run of shows. last year i toured nationally as the support act for Golden Features so for my own tour I really wanted to do something a little different and take it up a notch. I’ve got these giant LED palm trees plus a full lighting and visual element, a real stimulation of the senses... and the pool towels come in handy for the sweaty wet, they’ve been a hit!

Naturally, a tour means plenty of wild times, what are your 3 essential hangover aids to ensure successful back-­to-­back nights.

Pool, Sun, Vodka… I like to live in the grey area between sober and drunk.

Speaking of tour and travel, what have you been listening to lately? Do you have any go-to travel tunes?

I don't often listen to dance or electronic music in my down time, If im not busily fine tuning records or mixes in transit i'm usually building on my hip hop playlist ready for the next after party. Bit of Big L, Gangstarr, Mob Deep, A Tribe Called Quest, KRS-One...list goes on.

Your music is best listened to while…

In a 4g inverted dive with a Mig-28.

All-time favorite movie soundtrack?

Top Gun (1986), Breakin (1984)... got both on wax!

Purely for our own entertainment, can you give us a single sentence fitting in as much Aussie slang as possible?

This pool’s as dry as a dead Dingo’s donger, but don't get your knickers in a knot, i got you c***s a couple of thirst grenades chilling in the esky, and not that bloody Fosters crap either, that shits weak as piss.

Aside from the rest of the tour, what have you got in the works?

Just finishing up the next single ready for the Aussie summer. I've also just finished a remix for Porsches, an amazing electronic act, it's called ‘Karate’ and is out on Sweat It Out in a couple of weeks!

And most importantly, when are you coming through San Francisco so we can trade stories over a beer or ten?

You had me at beer.

Big thanks to our dude POOLCLVB for dropping in and putting this together with us. Don't hesitate to follow his channels, you won't regret it.

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