Jason Burns — Everything feat. Cybil

London independent imprint Love & Other never fail to impress with their lineup of releases, and this new one from Jason Burns definitely keeps that trend alive. Though the producer may be Portland based, his style is fully steeped in the best sounds of the UK club scene. With this latest single, Everything, hebrings us a tasteful blend of energetic, bass-driven house and fantastically emotive vocal work courtesy of London singer Cybil. In other words, it's the perfect balance of exactly what we look for in this sort of tune. With previous support flooding in from the likes of Kastle, Skream, B. Traits, Kry Wolf and many more, it shouldn't be long before you start to hear this cut played out all over.

The single officially drops on Beatport September 25th, and all other outlets October 9th. Until then, catch the full stream below and enjoy.