CS Premiere | Sleepy Cat — Mixtape Vol. 1

Dozens of mixtapes come across our radar on a daily basis, but rarely do we get something as unique as this one courtesy of LA-based Sleepy Cat. Today, the producer delivers the first in a series of vinyl only mixes recorded in a single session on cassette tape. Yeah, vinyl only and cassette tape, we told you this wasn't your average mixtape. The mix is recorded directly to the cassette tape before being transferred to a digital stream, a process that Sleepy Cat insists on as means to pay homage to the original mixtape format and preserve authenticity. Each installment in the series serves to uncover music that lives predominantly in vinyl format while looking to highlight labels and artists that pursue releasing music on that format. Pretty damn cool.

Additionally, Sleepy Cat will be giving away the one and only copy of the cassette tape to one lucky fan. To enter you'll just need to 'Like' and 'Repost' the mix on Soundcloud, and when it hits 1,000 plays a winner will be picked.

You can catch the full tracklist here (just look for Sleepy Cat's logo within the pattern to unlock), grab a free download of the set here and dive into the ace mix below. Enjoy!