Sometimes it's immediately clear an artist is going places, you can just feel it. London–based Embody was one of those artist's whose talent grabbed us within the very first moments of hearing his work. From an impressive debut with his beautifully executed remix of Ang Low's Can't Describe Her, and other ace takes on Milky Chance, HONNE, and Last Lynx — to amazing originals such as Bad News, Give Me Your Love and more that, every single time, we've been blown away by — his polished arrangements, versatility and attention to detail are impossible to ignore.

All that being said, we're clearly excited to be bringing you a new exclusive mix, accompanied by an insightful interview, with him today. Hit play and get into it.

And we should also mention this comes hot on heels of Embody's brand new collaboration with Ang Low entitled Drive, premiered yesterday via The Fader and out for release July 17th via Just Off Pop Records, with remixes from Illyus & Barrientos and MakeLove. Don't miss it below!

Track List •

1 • ID 2 • Jax Jones — Yeah Yeah Yeah (Original Mix) 3 • Embody ft. Barnaby — With You 4 • Blonde ft. Alex Newell — All Cried Out (The Magician Remix) 5 • ID 6 • Peking Duk — High (Embody Remix) 7 • Arches ft. Karen Harding — New Love (Stripped Mix) 8 • TCTS — Thinking About You (Few Nolder remix) / Nina Simone — Feeling Good (Acapella) 9 • Feder Feat Lyse — Goodbye (Original) 10 • ID 11 • Rebecca & Fiona — Letters (Juun Remix) 12 • Galantis — Runaway (U & I) (East & Young Remix) 13 • Zonderling — Telraam (Original Mix) 14 • CamelPhat feat. A*M*E — Paradigm (Amtrac's Temptation Mix) / Hardrive — Deep Inside (Acapella) 15 • Lana Del Rey — Once Upon A Dream (Embody Remix)

Interview •

Caveman Sound: To get started, tell us about the track selections for this mix you've made.

Embody: There is always so much good old and new music, it's really hard to choose. I have selected some of my favourite tracks at the moment. There are a few older tracks and remixes of mine. And last but not least some new exclusive music from me. I've been working on so much new music lately, so I guess it's the right time to share some.

CS: How would you describe your sound for somebody that hasn’t heard your music before?

E: How I would describe my sound? Oh, that's a tough one. Some say that my music is Tropical House. But I'm just trying to create a 'feel good' vibe, whatever makes you happy — being on the beach in Miami or like someone commented on the internet, "It's like eating my grandma's cookies..". That's what I want people to feel while listening to my music.

CS: We first came across you work early last year via your remix of Ang Low, and since it seems you’ve had a penchant for using unique vocals, can you talk about that a bit?

E: I've always admired unique vocals. Tone and character are the most important things for me. Everything else can be written, fixed, processed etc., but not these two. And that's what I try to search for. Music is all about emotion and I believe that the vocal has quite a big role in creating it.

CS: Speaking of your style, your latest single Karma (congrats on the BBCR1 plays by the way!) definitely leans towards the clubbier side of things, any reason for the shift?

E: Thank you! I never tend to make such or such music. It just happens. I'm pretty unpredictable. Whatever is on my mind, I try to use that momentum. I like really a wide spectrum of music and love experimenting with loads of different styles, but not everything is meant to reach the surface. I had 'Karma" for quite a while, I wanted it to be a vocal track, tried loads of different toplines and vocalists but nobody hit the spot, so it was time to let it go and move on.

CS: What’s your process like for beginning a track, and sticking with it?

E: It's rather different with every track. Sometimes it starts from a remix and ends up as my own track. Sometimes from voice memos, recorded on the way to the shop. Lately I'm trying to start everything with just a piano. Lay down some chord progressions, structure, vocal melodies and just then go into all that magic world of synths and programming. But it really depends, each track is unique, there isn't one way to do it.

Sticking with the song is another hard step that you have to learn, and maybe even harder is finishing it. It can change so much over the process and you can lose the grip sometimes what was your primary idea. For instance, I've made more than 90 versions of my track 'Bad News' until I got to the result that I was happy with. Sometimes it can take 4 hours to finish the track and sometimes 4 months. For me it's all about being satisfied with the final result, I won't stop, and keep re-doing things until I'm 100% happy with it. Don't get me wrong, I'm not seeking for perfection, but it has to feel right. When it's good, you know it's finished.

CS: How does being in London influence your sound?

E: I was actually born in Lithuania. I moved to London just three years ago, and since it has definitely influenced me, maybe not my sound but my perception about the music industry. I can definitely say that I'm looking at things totally different now in the best possible way.

CS: Can you give us some fellow artists that you’re inspired by right now?

E: There are so many and so different, as I said I really like a wide range of genres, but to name a few, I really love what the Australian boys Carmada are doing lately, Seinabo Sey, Years & Years are amazing. Darius, What So Not, of course Kygo, Thomas Jack, Robin Schulz, Major Lazer, Jack U and up to even EDM guys like Calvin Harris, Zedd or Avicii. For me it's all about the song and the feeling. Everything else it's just a matter of trend, either it's EDM or ballad — if the song is good, it will sound good in any genre.

CS: Lastly, what should we be on the lookout for from you in the rest of 2015?

E: I've got a brand new single with Ang Low coming out on Just Off Pop records at the end of May. After that another single on Black Butter Records. And of course plenty of new music in the process. Can't wait to get it out of my studio!

Our thanks go to Embody for sitting down to chat with us. If you haven't already, connect with him on social via the links below and stay up to date!