CS EXCLUSIVE | Interview with Howson's Groove

HG-INTERVIEW-REDUX If you've yet the hear the name Howson's Groove, you will soon, and it's one you surely won't quickly forget. The South East London duo is responsible for some of the most ear-catching tunes we've heard as of late, creating productions both emotion laden and prepped for the club all at once. Their four-track Can't Explain EP out now via Love & Other, featuring three originals and a remix of the title track by Celsius, is set to put them on the map in a big way, already garnering support via BBC Radio 1, The Magician's latest 'Magic Tape', and other such outputs.

We had a minute to catch up with the guys for a quick chat ahead of the holidays, and hear a bit more about what went into the aforementioned EP, their particular style, and plans for the new year. Tune in now, and be sure to check out the EP while you're at it — for play below, and for purchase here.

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Interview •

Caveman Sound: We typically don't ask this, but you're name is pretty unique, tell us the story behind it.

Howson's Groove: Ha that was our old road name. We needed a name and came up with a few silly ideas, then someone as a joke suggested our road name at the time which was Howson, and the rest is history.

CS: You're music has roots in UK bass and grime, why do those styles resonate with you in particular?

HG: We really love that sound and think there is something about the UK garagey sound that we both really click with and taking those elements and incorporating them into different styles of music. Our tracks always have a Bass-y element to them as well, even on our first EP which was quite downtempo, we have strong baselines running through it.

CS: Being a production duo, do you think two heads are better than one when it comes to creating tunes?

HG: Yeah well two heads, twice the creativity. We are both are into different music and styles and it's nice jamming them together to make our tracks. We definitely try and fuse a club and home listening style together to try and create something thats the best of both worlds.

CS: You've already received attention from key players in the UK music industry, what's been your highlight to date?

HG: Highlights so far have got to of been supporting Fatboy Slim (best gigs we have ever played). DJ EZ spinning our tune was a defiantly a highlight, feels amazing to have your tunes played by a Garage legend. We had a couple of BBC Radio 1 plays from Rob da Bank and Celsius as well. We've even had Laurent Garnier big up the 'Blithe' which is the title track off our first EP.

CS: You're EP 'Can't Explain' has been your most successful thus far, what does the record mean to you?

HG: We're really happy that this EP has gone down so well. We really enjoyed making 'Can't Explain' and it's great to hear such a positive response back for something thats less clubby and more home listening. Like we said earlier, we want to achieve a perfect blend of club and home listening tracks.

CS: And the EP's out on Love & Other, one of our favorite underground independent imprints committed to bolstering new talent, can you tell us some up and coming producers you find particularly inspiring?

HG: Some producers we have been digging recently in no particular order; Tones who has just had a release on Food Music, Clap! Clap!, Soccer 96's latest release on Wotnot is wicked and really different. Boean have been doing really well this past year too.

CS: Your music is the soundtrack to what city?

HG: Most definitely London, we live here and we feel it's a part of our sound.

CS: Finally, what have you got coming up next? Where can we see you?

HG: Next year is looking pretty busy for releases. We have got a new EP coming out on Chasing Unicorns which will be more downbeat/home listening. We have a remix coming out on Love & Other, as well as a couple of compilations and there should be another release in the pipe lines but we can't say to much as it's lock down.

Big thanks to the guys for taking the time to chat with us. If you aren't already tuned into their channels, be sure to connect with them now.


Cameron Brocksen