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We’ve unearthed a treasure trove of jams over the past week so we’re pretty excited to share some with you today. This weeks collection includes an absolutely huge Janet Jackson rework from Paris’ Tchami, a fantastic take on Cavaliers of Fun courtesy of Portland’s Poindexter, a shiny new hand-clap heavy, 80’s retro remix of Mitch Murder’s The Touch put together by Lifelike, four-and-a-half minutes of tropical bliss from Branded James…we could easily keep going down the list, but the point is you’ll find no shortage of amazing tunes here. So grab your fill below and get down through the rest of this week and into weekend!

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James Blake – The Wilhelm Scream (POINDEXTER Remix)

Oh hells yeah. Portland’s Andrew Rodriguez, aka POINDEXTER, brings some serious funk to James Blake’s incredible Wilhelm’s Scream. He takes the chilled out, mysterious track and turns it into a bouncing nu-disco gem, full of energy. Straight from the beginning you can’t help but get on your feet and dance. It’s reminiscent of a RAC tune, and that’s definitely a good thing. Really digging this one. Make sure you add this enjoyable jam to your collection. And if this is up your alley, preview Andrew’s new EP Forever, here. Good stuff.



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