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You know those tracks that just sound like the embodiment of summertime? Well that’s all of these. Every single one. For whatever reason the collection of tunes that came together for this week’s Jam Jar are screaming warm weather. Toes in the sand, beers in hand, a fresh breeze and your friends near — all of that. Grab yourself an earful, kick back, and dance into the weekend.

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Wednesday has rolled around once again and we’ve got a great selection of jams for you to enjoy. With summertime officially in full swing (though it’s unsurprisingly foggy here in SF), there should be no shortage of warm weather vibes to fill your playlists. Soak in some new tunes below and enjoy!

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We’re currently experiencing a pristine preview of summertime weather here in SF, and we can think of anything better to compliment such a glorious afternoon than a fresh pack of feel-good jams. We’re kicking things off with a few new ones from heavy-hitters like Goldroom’s daytime disco take on MS MR’s Hurricane, French Horn Rebellion putting their spin on Savoir Adore’s Beating Hearts, a stellar new original from Keljet featuring amazing vocals courtesy of Goldroom’s own Mereki, and Bit Funk’s rework for Nameless7 Days In The Sun. And as always there are many more where those came from, so grab your tunes and get outside.

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Lincoln Jesser — Wicked Son

Lincoln Jesser | Wicked Son

With an aptness for songwriting that gives a deeper meaning to his lyrics, and a polished production style unrivaled by many, Lincoln Jesser has the ability to construct tracks both instantly compelling and readily memorable. Wicked Son, his latest single, is a top notch display of just this. Oozing an irresistible synth-pop sound, Jesser intertwines expressive content with playful melodies and an uplifting atmosphere, instantly prompting the desire to get out into the sun and revel in the day. So that’s exactly what we’re going to do, with this gem as the soundtrack. Grab the download and enjoy some fresh air.

Don’t miss his cover of Twin Shadow’s Run My Heart as well.

[CS Premiere] Futurecop! ft. New Arcades — Schizoid Man

Futurecop! // New Arcades

It’s been just over a month since everyone’s favorite nostalgia-inducing duo Futurecop! released their amazing debut album Hopes, Dreams & Alienation, which easily made an appearance on our Top 30 Albums of 2013 list. Today they’re building upon that momentum, back with a brand new single, Schizoid Man, featuring vocals courtesy of London’s New Arcades. The track is a shining example of exactly what makes their sound so enthralling and style so unique — with shimmering dreamwave synths and weighty electro beats lighting up a chorus of flawless pop vocals, coming together as a pristine slice of big 80s influenced vibes akin to a timeless daydream. The UK retro champions have shown us, yet again, just how infectious living with the wonders of the past, while looking toward the possibilities of the future, can be. Kick the volume up to full and hit play on the premiere below!

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Lightwaves — Starting To Believe (Original + Fear Of Tigers Remix)

Gianluca Fallone

The year was 2009 and a band by the name of Yes Giantess was rocking our world with infectious tracks Tuff ‘n Stuff and You Were Young. We knew little about them except we craved that sound, and all too soon they seemed to disappear. Fast forward to present day, last week to be exact, an email shows up in our inbox containing a track from the occasionally heard from, DC-based artist Lightwaves, which just so happens to be Jan Rosenfeld, vocalist of the formerly mentioned Yes Giantess. Imagine our excitement.

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The taste of the weekend is in the air, but it still can’t come soon enough. To help you cruise there a little faster we’ve got some tasty flavored jams today. Pat Lok is kicking things off with a killer take on Disclosure’s Me & You, Portland and Oxford have teamed up for a tune that we’ve had on repeat for weeks, a brilliant remix of Le Youth’s C O O L is delivered by Futurewife, Manila Killa gives us a reworked Bear Mountain track with some serious island flavor, plus so much more. Enough talk, jump in and get down!

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[Exclusive Premiere] VIBES — Sweet Talk


LA’s VIBES, comprised of G Templeton, Death House of Love, and Alex Slavin, initially caught our attention with their great track New Light a few months back. In a genre that’s quickly taken off, they’ve managed to set themselves apart through a successful combination of soulful disco hooks, sunshine filled pop vibes, and Alex’s unique vocals. And with their first EP Stone Floors and Calm Tigers just finished, they’re in a position to make waves. The EP features 3 tracks including their latest, Sweet Talk, which we’re happy to be premiering for you today. It’s an awesome display of their blissful pool party-ready, tropical flavored sound, and in our opinion their best work to date. The elements work seamlessly to create a crisp summertime tune that’ll be difficult not to come back to time and time again (and honestly, why wouldn’t you?). Until Monday you can pick it up for free below, after which you can download the EP in full via VIBES Bandcamp.


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Our fifteenth installment of The Jam Jar  has arrived ladies and gents, and in this week’s list we’ve got heat coming from all directions, with equal parts heavy-hitting dance tunes and more relaxed daytime jams. Japan’s Boys Get Hurt gives us a grand remix of Reflex’s Together  via Continental Records, French duo Rise & Fool serve up their killer take on Bastille, and our favorite fun-in-the-sun producers Poolside are back with a brand new single off their upcoming album — plus a whole lot more. These ones will surely have you jamming straight through to the weekend, so without further adieu, dig in!

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