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Traveler — Midnight (Original Mix)

Traveler // Midnight

CS favorites Blair & Zander, aka Traveler, have just released a great new tune titled Midnight. The track is the first original we’re hearing off their upcoming Shapes EP which they will be releasing track-by-track over the next few weeks. Midnight is quintessential Traveler through and through — packed with funky basslines, crisp dubstep elements, and tasteful vocal use that tie together neatly to make something truly unique. The vibe is ethereal, chilled-out, and energizing all at once. They have a way of arranging their productions that make them outright irresistible and impossible not to play on repeat. If this is any indicator, the rest of the the EP is sure to be fantastic as well. Hit the free download below and be sure to check back for new tracks as they’re released.


Don’t miss their remix of Ivy’s Lost In The Sun either.


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