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Pacific Air – Float (RAC Mix)

RAC gets down with their wild side on this brand new remix of Pacific Air’s (formerly KO KO for all those as confused as we were at first) well loved tune Float. It’s spread like wildfire for good reason and we can’t resist showing our love as well. Once again we’re reminded why any new release from RAC instantly gets our full attention. The consistent and diverse nature with which André produces is just irresistible. This new remix has a bit darker, indie-electro vibe different than his usual sound, and the vocals are distorted beyond reckoning, but of course it all comes together neatly. Another one for the jam jar.


Bonus round. Here’s a couple more RAC remixes for your enjoyment we’ve missed posting over the past few weeks. Gotta catch ’em all!



And if you’re a RAC newbie, or just want to give back for having given us so much great music over the years, go grab the first official RAC album, Chapter Onehere.

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