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Hoodie Allen – No Faith In Brooklyn ft. Jhameel (Keljet Remix)

Now, we’ve never spent much time listening to Hoodie Allen. Surely we’ve unknowingly jammed to a track or two while shoulder-to-shoulder with fellow sweaty party-goers amongst the smoke and lasers. Yet for some reason this one is just doing it for us. Maybe it’s Keljet in the mix, adding some serious spark to the beat. Or maybe we’re suddenly suckers for urban white dude rappers with mad flow (Beiber’s Boyfriend anyone? Dada Life remix of course). Whatever it is, we’re digging the combo of Keljet’s indiedisco touch along with Hoodie’s almost-cheesy-but-oh-so-catchy lyrics. Go ahead, get your party on.


Bonus! This is the very first track we heard from Keljet that introduced us to their brilliance. It’s a remix of The Temper Trap’s Love Lost. If you aren’t hooked already, you will be now.


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